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I am Nicolas Nervi and for the last 20 years, I am helping companies to stand out.

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Latest Podcast.

Artémy Shulgin, General Manager Hana Road Studio, Smartalks
We are over communicating
We are all pretending too much
Nicolas Nervi Marketing Expert Real Estate
Interrupting isn't marketing
We must demonstrate
Stop with expensive actions
SMARTALKS with Alec Henry serial entrepreneur DUBAI
A dive into Dubai's real estate market. Smartalks Podcast by Nicolas Nervi
Smartalks Teaser. We make people talk.
Smartalks avec Muriel Favarger, Yannick Chevailler et Nicolas Nervi.
Smartalks avec Rémy Crégut, directeur du Centre de Congrès de Montreux 2m2c.
Smartalks avec Pierre Smets et Nicolas Nervi Montreux.
Smartalking Human
Petar Mitrovic, créateur du projet One Word for The World
invitée spéciale Muriel Favarger sur SMARTALKS podcast
Smartalks avec Leif Agneus, président de Swissstaffing
Lionel Fontaine Directeur de Hotelis SA
Michael Chrisment Marketing expert - Smartalks
Christophe Reymond - Directeur Général du Centre Patronal. Smartalks
Smartalks avec Andreas Schollin-Borg de BATGROUP
Jean-Daniel Laffely - CEO  Vaudoise Assurances
Smartalks, le media de Smart Corner
Christophe Voeffray - épicerie Valaisanne
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My solutions.

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Between 0.5 to 2 days

An immersive dive into your reality and challenges. The outcome is a full audit report with recommendations and guidelines.

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Between 1 and 2 days per Month (min. 6 Months)
Monthly follow-up with your teams to support you in the operational phase.  Participation in sessions, support for your marketing department, implementation or connection with my network.

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Between 3 to 10 days.
Creation, architecture of a strategy including all the reflections, all the operational actions with a precise calendar of what you must achieve to reach your objectives.

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I adapt a special offer based on your specific needs.

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My 20 years experience in executive marketing positions for international companies taught me that most of companies don't need a full time CMO - they just need the right person for few hours per Month to develop the best marketing possible. 

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My other services.


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We are arriving in Dubai ! 

We are launching successful swiss podcast smartalks in Dubai.

An amazing way to talk about your business.  Book now !