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Politics fell victim to Marketing

Politics continues to make the error of treating itself as a marketing game, relying on a range of strategies and ploys to promote both its own image and its policies to the public, rather than accurately representing the truth.

People consider politics to be a dishonest game in which propaganda, hype, and spin frequently obfuscate the truth. And they are right!

Politics is frequently viewed as a form of marketing, in which candidates and parties employ a variety of gimmicks and strategies to promote themselves and their platforms.

Politicians and leaders all across the world have made this error, and it is eroding public confidence in their institutions and representation.

Politics as marketing has the drawback of emphasising the creation of an image over the presentation of fact. Projecting a particular message or impression that may not be totally factual or correct is what it is all about. This is why many people consider politics to be a dishonest game in which propaganda, hype, and spin frequently obfuscate the truth.

What if, however, politicians and other decision-makers put less effort into promoting themselves and their ideas and more towards chronicling their experiences and realities? What if they stopped hiding their flaws and issues and instead gave an open and sincere account of their difficulties and struggles?

This is the answer that politics now needs. We need leaders who aren't scared to display their humanity and are willing to be open and honest. So that the public can understand the genuine job that politicians are doing and the real obstacles they encounter, we need them to be willing to document their journey and share their experiences.

Politicians and other decision-makers need to shift their mindset from one of being sold as a product to one of being on a journey. They must be prepared to embrace openness and honesty, even when doing so may not be simple or comfortable.

However, the advantages of this strategy are obvious. Politicians and other decision-makers can increase public trust and credibility by switching from marketing to transparency. They can demonstrate their dedication to the task at hand and their willingness to accept responsibility for their actions.

The first politician to adopt this strategy will have a significant impact on the political landscape. They will reinvent what it means to be a leader or a politician, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. They'll demonstrate that politics can be more than simply PR and advertising, and that it can be a force for good in the world.

Nicolas Nervi

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