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We are manipulated by Social Media algorithm

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Social media has radically changed our lives over the last few years. It has evolved into a tool for keeping in touch with our loved ones and staying up to date on the most recent events and fashion trends. But many individuals are unaware that social media algorithms are distorting our thoughts, affecting our choices, and even fabricating a false world.

Social media platforms utilize algorithms to filter information and choose which items to prioritize for consumers' news feeds. For each user, the algorithms build personalized feeds with material catered to their interests and demographics using user data. This implies that each person is exposed to various materials, which may result in varying viewpoints and ideas.

In addition, social media algorithms provide a "filter bubble" in which users are exposed to the same content regardless of their preferences. Instead of allowing people the chance to be exposed to other points of view, this may result in their just being exposed to content that supports their current opinions.

By limiting the quantity of positive or negative content a person is exposed to, social media algorithms can also influence emotions and behavior. According to studies, those who are exposed to unfavorable social media content have a propensity to behave more aggressively and anxiously.

Finally, by embellishing specific features of content and misrepresenting the facts, social media algorithms might produce an artificial world. This means that people frequently don't have a complete understanding of what is going on, which leads them to adopt opinions based on erroneous information.

In general, social media algorithms have the ability to influence our attitudes, choices, and actions. People should be aware that their news feeds are not a dependable source of information and should keep looking for alternative viewpoints.

Nicolas Nervi

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