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Simo Alami, serial tech entrepreneur in Dubai

In this Smartalks, we meet Simo Alami, a successful serial entrepreneur based in Dubai.

His different successufl companies, active in Tech Industry are the consequence of a specific perception of what business is. His mindset, structure and processes are a great combination of skills needed in today’s business challenges.

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Hosted by Nicolas Nervi : and Smart Corner Agency (Switzerland)

Discover Simo activities here:

1. Giisty: An Enterprise SaaS solution that streamlines communication and knowledge sharing through short video and audio messages, helping companies enhance productivity and collaboration. - [](

2. Kynno: Aiming to become a cornerstone of the Web 3.0 revolution, Kynno focuses on breaking data silos by interconnecting blockchains, wallets, and marketplaces to create a private data hub known as the Kynno Data Vault. - [](

3. Metaverse Citizens: A decentralized business Metaverse where community members forge meaningful connections to expand their professional network, grow their businesses, and develop personally. Alongside Metaverse Citizens, Simo has also launched a boutique consulting firm, MC Studio, to support companies, government entities, and project holders on their journey towards Web3.0 and the Metaverse. - [](

4. HireSmart: AI-powered virtual employees designed to boost company productivity by handling low-value tasks efficiently and cost-effectively - []( 5. Simo Alami Personal Brand: Simo's personal brand positions him as a thought leader and expert in Tech, Web3, Metaverse, and AI.

He shares his knowledge, experience, and insights with a growing audience through various channels and content. - []( / [](


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