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Communication did NOT change

The method of getting a message to interested people stays the same despite changes in platforms, people's attention spans, and communication volume. Podcasts replaced radio, YouTube replaced television, and Facebook replaced newspapers, but these are not substantial shifts.

Knowing the platforms is not the communication challenge; rather, it is knowing the users. Being an Instagram or Twitter pro doesn't always translate into improved communication.

Many marketers are fixated on numbers, but rather than counting views, clicks, or likes, the effectiveness of communication should be measured by the call to action it inspires. In a world of "vanity metrics," where advertisers prioritize reaching as many consumers as possible over knowing their target market and providing value to them, we exist.

As demonstrated by the popularity of YouTube video ads, many marketers only pay attention to the reach of their campaigns. Even though these advertisements may receive thousands of views, the company frequently benefits little to nothing from them. In reality, many viewers find forced advertisements that come before desired content to be an annoyance, and this can cause them to associate the brand negatively. As a result, it's crucial for marketers to think about their ads' quality and relevance in addition to their reach.

Respect is the component that today's marketing and communication strategies are lacking.

Even as technology develops and the market changes, real people continue to be real people. Marketers must distinguish between tools and marketing tactics. It is not about driving home a point; rather, it is about adding value to chosen audiences and artfully disseminating the message. Instead of selling strategies based on how consumers change their perceptions of a company, many marketing agencies sell metrics. Giving worth to chosen targets and changing the message in accordance with segments are key components of brand recognition.

Marketers and companies get lost more and more as technology develops. Tools are only that—tools—used to carry out marketing plans and communication objectives.

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Marketing didn't change
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