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As a marketing architect, I assist companies and people in enhancing their performance and reducing their budget at the same time.

Nicolas Nervi Expert Marekting Dubai and Switzerland

With in-depth knowledge of variety of resources and tools used in marketing, I help my clients to improve the overall performance of marketing activities. I analyse marketing budgets, pinpoint areas where costs can be cut, and use appropriate and effective tools. I support companies in keeping abreast of communication trends and modifying their marketing plans as necessary. My objective is to achieve results while maximizing marketing efforts and lowering overall costs.


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We have launhed the first AI tool that helps marketing actions for agencies, SME's and bug companies. You have to test it to believe it. 


Ask for a FREE demo saying you come from my website.

Worked with 100+ companies

With my assistance through auditing/strategy services, my clients are able to achieve an average of 30% reduction in their budget and successfully rebalance it.

Latest Podcast.

Since 2016, I’ve launched Smartalks podcast. A successful swiss concept that now became international. 

Smartalks provides an authentic and unfiltered view into the journeys of successful leaders, their challenges, and all else in between.

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What is the future of fanzones with the Metaverse ? Smartalks with MOMENTS (Dubai)
The podcast that brings you to the heart of real conversations with leaders and CEOs.
How to keep a little control on your brand positioning ?
Artémy Shulgin, General Manager Hana Road Studio, Smartalks
We are over communicating
We are all pretending too much
Nicolas Nervi Marketing Expert Real Estate
Interrupting isn't marketing
We must demonstrate
Stop with expensive actions
SMARTALKS with Alec Henry serial entrepreneur DUBAI
A dive into Dubai's real estate market. Smartalks Podcast by Nicolas Nervi
Smartalks Teaser. We make people talk.
Smartalks avec Muriel Favarger, Yannick Chevailler et Nicolas Nervi.
Smartalks avec Rémy Crégut, directeur du Centre de Congrès de Montreux 2m2c.
Smartalks avec Pierre Smets et Nicolas Nervi Montreux.
Smartalking Human
Petar Mitrovic, créateur du projet One Word for The World
invitée spéciale Muriel Favarger sur SMARTALKS podcast
Smartalks avec Leif Agneus, président de Swissstaffing
Lionel Fontaine Directeur de Hotelis SA
Michael Chrisment Marketing expert - Smartalks
Christophe Reymond - Directeur Général du Centre Patronal. Smartalks
Smartalks avec Andreas Schollin-Borg de BATGROUP
Jean-Daniel Laffely - CEO  Vaudoise Assurances
Smartalks, le media de Smart Corner
Christophe Voeffray - épicerie Valaisanne
mz solutions


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My solutions.

In order to provide effective business solutions, it is imperative to thoroughly comprehend the specific situation at hand. Many companies offer seemingly miraculous packages, complete with designated services. However, this approach is not conducive to true business success. Selecting appropriate services and tools requires a comprehensive understanding of the reality of the situation. That's why I always begin with an audit and tailor my approach accordingly.


4.5K USD

Experience a deep exploration of your unique reality and obstacles. The end result is a comprehensive review report with expert advice and suggestions.


I will provide monthly support to your teams during the operational phase, including participating in sessions, assisting your marketing department, and connecting you with our network.

 10K to 15K USD

Creation, architecture of a strategy including all the reflections, all the operational actions with a precise calendar of what you must achieve to reach your objectives.


I tailor a customized deal to cater to your individual requirements.

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Through my 20 years of experience, I have learned that the majority of companies require external consulting services for a few hours each month to enhance their marketing strategies and achieve growth.

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My other services.




Frequently, I am summoned by businesses to assist them with a particular project in the capacity of a marketing consultant. My consultancy offerings commence with one day and can extend up to a year-long support.

Over 50 global events at trade shows and international conventions, along with participation in over 70 corporate conferences and events to discuss marketing strategies.

For over a decade, I served as the chief trainer for the Marketing Master's Degree program in Switzerland, and I have taught at over 10 various business schools. I often provide internal marketing team training to my clients.

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